This website is dedicated to Law and Order

and "Justice for all - big and small".

Once upon a time, someone said, " We Americans live in a Law and Order Society".

WELL.......We would like to believe that this is a true statement..........

HOWEVER........This is not always the case....idealistically speaking.......

THEREFORE.........This website will endeavor to focus on a small segment of the Criminal Justice System in New York State.  (TOMORROW THE WORLD)  "Just kidding"

A dedication (or toast) is in order here:

“Here is to all that have been rightly accused and convicted and ALSO to all that have been unjustly accused and convicted”.

We are leaning toward the latter.  There is no measurable scale known to humanity that can comprehend the frustration and anxiety of a person who has been in this position.

A contributing factor to this dilemma is our aggressive and/or liberal news media.  Years ago reporters were concerned with reporting the truth.  In many environments, this has given way to sensationalism, corporate and personal greed.

Enough finger pointing; we cannot be objective and throwing stones at the same time.

HENCE….North Country Justice

Note:  We are definitely in favor of “Law and Order” and "Equal Justice" from an objective viewpoint.


There is a relatively new concept or philosophy being reviewed by all factions involved in our criminal justice system nationwide.  For the past 10 years there has been a spreading interest in an alternative aspect to the traditional methods of handling criminal cases.  From the inception of a crime to the fading days after sentencing, the offenders, victims and everyone else connected to a criminal event, now have another option of resolution.  Bear in mind that this concept does not fit all cases and is not the magic cure that will revolutionize our entire system of dealing with criminal prosecution.  It does, in some instances, offer a more meaningful outcome towards closure and inner peace by the people involved, if all the elements of the procedure are satisfied.  Now it is time for a drum roll, please..........the concept is called...........Restorative Justice

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